About us

The Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu is looking forward to secure a typical  motivating  professional work environment by focusing on manpower which is considered as part of its priorities and an essential element in the development and production process and that can be achieved through the provision of social services and facilities required by RC employees.

In this respect, we are pleased to present a web site that embraces promotions and offers for RC staff offered by a number of entities at fair prices. This will boost the concepts of loyalty and the ethics of belongingness as well as raising the morale of the staff who can view, through this site created by the RC, a number of promotions and offers that suit them whether such offers are related to hotel services, tourism, healthcare, recreation, commercial centers or catering …etc.
Moreover, the companies and establishments can add their offers and promotions through an icon for electronic registration of promotions.


General Administration of Communication and Information – HQ Public Relations Department – RCJ Public Relations Department – RCY